Invite and display design

The invitation to the collaborative exhibit “Putting the U in Color” was designed to attract audiences interested in South Asian culture, film, and media.

Using a warm, saturated color palette, pattern background, and cutout from a 1950s film poster, the invite has a distinctly South Asian flavor. It pays homage to the talented and unique Sandhya, the only dark-skinned actress of her time. (Her skin does not appear dark here due to the lighting and to dark-room color correction, allowing for the limitations of black-and-white printing.)

Many of those who attended the exhibit identified with the cultural bias of “fair is beautiful” and said they were not aware of its prevalence in the Indian subcontinent. View photographs of the art opening here.

Client: The Colo(u)rism Project
An independent initiative that raises awareness of colorism
Skills: concept and branding | design | content writing | curation and collaborations