Advertisements [FOR-PROFIT]


The Parker print advertisement was featured in an industry magazine for marketing managers. Parker had newly entered the market and was launching a custom gifts service, using etching, printing, and other print techniques. Following Ogilvy’s “less is more” principle of ad making, the idea was to merge the visual and headline into one with “For Increased Visibility” in the form of an eye chart. The unconventional ad size was a perfect fit for an eye chart!

Cherry Blossom’s classic brand mascot, Charlie Chaplin, makes a comeback for a BOGO print ad in the ’90s.

This topical launch campaign for utilizes celebrity misfires and guffaws to make a bold statement through full-color newspaper ads. The probing “Need a Job” copy accentuates the humor and brings attention to India’s first job portal in the ’90s.

Client: McCann Erickson Delhi and The Sales Machine, Euro RSCG Delhi
Advertising agency
Skills: visual communication / print design