The postcard promoted the innovative, mentoring event Bizcrawl, which connected young entrepreneurs to local CEOs.

The design showed an easy-to-navigate city map and highlighted the meetings being held at prominent city locations.

The Bizcrawl program reinforced values of mentoring, educating, and networking. Due to smaller group size (fewer than eight people), the event lowered the barrier for entry and allowed new members to network with boldface names in the city.

Client: The Indus Entrepreneurs Houston
International membership organization for South Asian entrepreneurs
Skills: programing | event management | content writing | graphic design

“Bizcrawl is very unique and an interesting Initiative by TIE, by keeping it in a small group. For an aspiring entrepreneur like me, it is very important to get the most attention and this is only possible in a small group.”

Prabu Vontlin, Founder, Cloud Funnel

“Bizcrawl event was an innovative way to receive immediate feedback from local Houston mentors as well as meet and network with other entrepreneurs in different stages of development. I appreciated the advice and guidance I received from Aruna in which she pinpointed specific sections of my business plan that could benefit from additional attention and focus. Several of the other attendees also contributed valuable suggestions from their own experience.”

Sam Mar, Senior Manager