Fundraising mailer


Client: The Asia Society Texas Center | An international a nonpartisan educational organization
Skills: print design | email redesign and re-engagement | digital communications strategy

The Name a Chair fundraising mailer featured the all-new theater in this Yoshio Taniguchi designed museum building. The idea was to display the exquisite use of material and minimal design—a hallmark of Taniguchi’s style. A personalized letter, a fill-out form, and branded envelope accompanied the 2-sided leaflet.

An email design (thumbnail displayed below) was redesigned. It was clutter free, easy to read, had higher visual appeal, and displayed consistency of information design. It emphasized the new media avatars that were displayed prominently in the masthead. In addition to assessing and revamping the overall design, an email reengagement campaign was designed and implemented to improve the subscriber count and readership rate.